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US-585424-A: Harry w patent, US-58757-A: Improvement in globes patent, US-588967-A: Belt-shifter patent, US-589896-A: Christmas-tree holder patent, US-590048-A: Liquid door-check patent, US-590906-A: Hand fertilizer-distributer and planter patent, US-59142-A: Improved feeder for carbureters patent, US-592785-A: Disk-sharpener patent, US-593830-A: Nursing-bottle patent, US-594473-A: George hiles patent, US-595632-A: Burial-casket patent, US-59647-A: Improvement in horse-collars patent, US-596965-A: David j patent, US-597095-A: Non-refillable bottle patent, US-598453-A: Fire-truck patent, US-59865-A: smith patent, US-60017-A: Leopold lall patent, US-601887-A: Cake-beater patent, US-602136-A: Whiffletree-hook patent, US-602871-A: Fire-lighter patent, US-605683-A: Billiard-chalk holder patent, US-607037-A: Rod-guide for dowel-machines patent, US-607928-A: Stove-lining patent, US-61047-A: of west union patent, US-610793-A: Draft apparatus patent, US-611268-A: Wire-stretcher patent, US-612863-A: Thill-coupling patent, US-613746-A: Edward d patent, US-615327-A: Type-writing machine patent, US-615665-A: Switch-contact patent, US-616159-A: Horse hay-rake patent, US-61884-A: Improvement in machines for cutting cracklings patent, US-619470-A: Sleigh-knee patent, US-620456-A: Binder-frame patent, US-621052-A: Valve for air-brake systems patent, US-621487-A: Joseph b patent, US-622232-A: Cleaner for shipss hulls patent, US-623056-A: John henry wellborn patent, US-623504-A: Herrmann wolff patent, US-623815-A: Draft attachment for vehicles patent, US-624674-A: Bridge patent, US-624990-A: Valve patent, US-626154-A: Coupling and draft-cushioning device patent, US-626721-A: Dump cart or wagon patent, US-629922-A: Key-fastener. patent, US-630052-A: Plow. patent, US-631251-A: Voting-machine. patent, US-631458-A: Washing-machine. patent, US-632182-A: Combined level, plumb, and inclinometer. patent, US-63248-A: Improvement in elevators patent, US-632545-A: Sad-iron heater. patent, US-633346-A: Incandescent gas-burner. patent, US-63377-A: Improvement in ploughs patent, US-635343-A: Mechanism for operating fare-registers. patent, US-643147-A: Gate. patent, US-643310-A: Picket fence. patent, US-5911627-A: Electromagnetic joystick using varying overlap of coils and conductive elements patent, US-643735-A: Envelop. patent, US-644290-A: Power-transforming machine. patent, US-64532-A: Improvement in steam-engine side-valves patent, US-645359-A: Gate. patent, US-645815-A: Overseaming sewing-machine. patent, US-652318-A: Fly-net. patent, US-652457-A: Phonograph. patent, US-652898-A: Neck-yoke center. patent, US-653657-A: Automatic air-brake coupling. patent, US-657852-A: Instep-fastener for use in lasting shoes. patent, US-65868-A: Coen-seelleb patent, US-660654-A: Barrel-bung. patent, US-661733-A: Farrier's implement. patent, US-662750-A: Die for shaping carpenters' drawing-knives. patent, US-663644-A: Bridle for pianoforte-actions. patent, US-665009-A: Car-coupling. patent, US-665287-A: Paper bag. patent, US-665792-A: Process of increasing stability of nitrocellulose. patent, US-666360-A: Folding brush. patent, US-667203-A: Fish-car. patent, US-667382-A: Aromatic amido-aldehyde and process of making same. patent, US-668733-A: Pneumatic tire. patent, US-670178-A: Velocipede crank-fastening. patent, US-67050-A: Charles b patent, US-670950-A: Antifriction-bearing. patent, US-670983-A: Locking and releasing means for vehicle-brakes. patent, US-671483-A: Chimney-top extension. patent, US-672200-A: Linotype. patent, US-672423-A: Wringer. patent, US-673750-A: Drive-chain link. patent, US-674052-A: Torpedo holder and exploder. patent, US-674619-A: Mail-box. patent, US-675817-A: Bicycle-bell. patent, US-676525-A: Rake. patent, US-676710-A: Curtain-adjuster. patent, US-676906-A: Machine for coating confections. patent, US-677598-A: Sand-band. patent, US-67844-A: Andre wc anfield patent, US-3859875-A: Hand operated tools patent, US-3906050-A: Alkylidenedithiobisphenols patent, US-3922049-A: Method of degassing a cathode-ray tube prior to sealing patent, US-3938154-A: Modified sidelobe canceller system patent, US-3959469-A: Triazinedione compounds as fungicidal and bactericidal agents patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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